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What Makes a Writer a Writer?

After 11 years of homeschooling my children, they will be going to public school in the fall.  I kind of feel like a baby birdie being pushed out of the nest.  As I’ll half falling and half flying, I’m trying … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes: Support Staff

Originally posted on Skyview Summer Splash:
Support staff are invisible most of the day, but we play a major part in making camp a positive experience. Our job? Eliminate all distractions: feed hungry campers, brush muddy horses, mow tall grass, clean the restrooms, run…

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Packing Light

Our family took a vacation West two years ago.  We each had a huge suitcase and two maximum sized carry-ons.  I had diligently taken measurements to ensure our bags were as big as possibly allowed!  We flew to Las Vegas … Continue reading

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14 Day Trip to Europe

My in-laws live in Germany – for the last 39 years as missionaries to our American military who are stationed there.  They left Lancaster, PA and moved to Ulm, Germany when my husband was four years old. That’s my husband, … Continue reading

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