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A Space to Write

I’m generally a neat, organized, fit it in the box kind of girl.  The process of writing, I’m finding is not any of those things.  When I decided I wanted become more serious about writing, I dutifully put a task on my … Continue reading

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Inside the Walls

Falling, falling, falling, Spiraling, swirling, sinking Despair. Darkness. Down, down, down, Surrounding shadows screeching Panic. Powerless. Empty. Small. Alone.   Accepted. Beautiful. Confident. Courageous. Safe. Secure. Dreams born. Promises kept.   Cool breezes on sunny days Crashing of the ocean waves Crunching fall leaves underfoot Crystalline … Continue reading

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Things That Give Me Joy and Meaning

“If we want to live a wholehearted life, we have to become intentional about cultivating sleep and play, about letting go of exhaustion as a status symbol and productivity as self-worth.  -Brene Brown Things that give me joy and meaning … Continue reading

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The Definition of Writing

Writing is painting the picture of me on a blank canvas.  Moving away from the chaos of life, I can hear the almost inaudible voice of my soul. Then I reach for confidence to follow the paintbrush wherever it flows, sometimes painting dewdrops and … Continue reading

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And It Was Good

Every time I read Genesis I am left with unanswered questions. “In the beginning”  Genesis 1:1 What about before the beginning?  God has no beginning and no end – so what was it like before he created the world?  Did he … Continue reading

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The Art of Not Writing

Do you ever have so much in your head that when you sit down to write, you stare at the black screen and have no clue where to start?  All the strands of thoughts are running through your head colliding … Continue reading

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