Welcome Friend

Geraint Rowland

Pushed down


Almost forgotten


I found her one summer afternoon

Timidly peering out through the cobwebs of my soul


Even after all these months, she only speaks in complete stillness.

Silencing Sybil is a feat worthy of attempting.

For when she knows it’s safe, only then will she emerge.


Her words tumble softly over the desolate wasteland

Warmth floods the lands bringing healing and life

Her pain dissipates in the light


She grows stronger

She is the girl lost in years gone by

She is me



About Nancy Beach

My favorite place in the world is anywhere quiet with a book and sunshine. Learning is a never-ending pursuit of mine and as a natural extension of that is my love for teaching. Nothing delights me more than to see the gleam in someone's eye as they understand something that they just minutes before didn't understand. I am delighted and blessed that I have the privilege of homeschooling my two children. I also enjoy leading Bible Studies and am always seeking ways to encourage others and share Christ's love with them. My life is changed forever because of Him and I just want everyone else to have the same joy, peace and happiness I've found. To God be the glory!
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6 Responses to Welcome Friend

  1. c2avilez says:

    “Timidly peering out through the cobwebs of my soul” I love this line.


  2. Your description of coming to yourself is so powerful!


  3. Exquisite: The consonance in the line beginning “Warmth floods…” So you’re a poet too? Love it! 🙂 You’re a natural.


    • Nancy says:

      Thanks! Not a poet by any stretch of the imagination – just getting outside of my comfort zone. Was googling, “afraid to write poetry,” and wondering why in the world I signed up for a poetry class in a subconscious effort to avoid doing the lesson. Come to think of it – exactly what I’m doing right now – reading other blogs and replying when I’m supposed to be writing Day 2 lesson.

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