Thankful for Today


Peaking out the upstairs window that misty morning
The vice around my heart tightened as I watched him walk away
His gait like yesterday and the yesterday before
But looks can be oh-so deceiving

I snap a picture of him with my eye
Wondering if it was to be the last
Emotions flooded through my heart and out my eyes

Humble, Caring, Selfless, Sacrificing, Passionate, Missioner
Just a few words to describe a man I’d grown to respect so
If heaven were to open its doors today it would gain a precious soul

Endless constant prayer
A broken phone call
Our worst fears realized
Diligent surgeon hands
Working the seemingly impossible
A miracle
A new chance at life

Hugging him tightly, tears spilling over
Realizing the importance of making time,
Saying those words
And never, ever taking today for granted again.



*This is my perspective on the day My father-in-law had a massive heart attack this past spring while we were traveling with them in Europe – celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary.  He survived a triple bypass surgery and is now in good health and walking three miles a day.


About Nancy Beach

My favorite place in the world is anywhere quiet with a book and sunshine. Learning is a never-ending pursuit of mine and as a natural extension of that is my love for teaching. Nothing delights me more than to see the gleam in someone's eye as they understand something that they just minutes before didn't understand. I am delighted and blessed that I have the privilege of homeschooling my two children. I also enjoy leading Bible Studies and am always seeking ways to encourage others and share Christ's love with them. My life is changed forever because of Him and I just want everyone else to have the same joy, peace and happiness I've found. To God be the glory!
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7 Responses to Thankful for Today

  1. A lovely poem. Yes! We must be thankful indeed for everyday. It must not be taken for granted.


  2. Again, a beautiful snapshot of your heart. Poetry can be more true to emotions, especially raw ones. You do a superb job at the visual component of poetry.


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